Beyond the Blues Postpartum Group

Beyond the Blues Postpartum group is a therapeutic and educational program designed for women who are experiencing postnatal symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. The group aims to strengthen their mental health and well being, while developing enhanced relationships with their children and family members. 

During the eight week (1 ½ hour) sessions, woman are provided opportunities to strengthen interpersonal relationships, identify networks of support, enhance coping during life transitions and manage stressors of daily living. The group provides a safe environment in which to gain a stronger understanding of self and others.

There is no fee for this program and includes child-minding. For referral to this program please contact your local Public Health Nurse or Adult Mental Health Counselor listed below:

West Kelowna Public Health Center 250-980-5150

Kelowna Public Health Center: 250-868-7700

Rutland Public Health Center: 250-980-4825

Kelowna Mental Health Center: 250-868-7788