Continuous Quality Improvement

The Continuous Quality Improvement Team (CQI), consisting of one representative from each Service Team and the Coordination and Development Team, monitors and reviews the effectiveness of the Society's continuous quality improvement process and recommends improvements to the Coordination and Development Team.

  • CQI Team Members
  • Fia Andersson
  • Lisa Schechtel
  • Susan Foisy
  • Colin Smith
  • Donna Eliuk
  • Kim Rougeau

CQI Process

The Bridge Youth & Family Services undertakes activities, which help provide accountable, relevant, effective and efficient services and facilitate their continuous improvement. These activities include service, data collection and reporting, review and planning, and innovation leading to improved service.


Service Delivery is undertaken in a manner consistent with the Society Mission and policy as outlined in the forms and publication of the Society, and various other external documents.

Data Collection and Reporting

In order to maintain current service strengths and continually identify and improve, the Society undergoes continual and comprehensive assessment of its performance.

Review and Planning

Reports are reviewed in committee and team meetings of the Board of Directors and personnel. These reviews contribute to the preparation and monitoring of the strategic plan and the annual operating plan.


Recommendations arising from team reviews and plans are used to develop innovations in personnel education and training, documents, services, and the environment.

Improved Service

Improved service is the ultimate goal of the continuous quality improvement process.