Stakeholder Feedback

Stakeholder feedback is strongly encouraged and valued by The Bridge Youth & Family Services.

Ongoing Stakeholder Feedback
All stakeholders have the opportunity to provide feedback. Personnel have the opportunity of providing feedback during various meetings including Supervision meetings, Service Team meetings, and monthly Brown Bag Lunch meetings. In addition, feedback can be provided anonymously on a: 1F03-001 Stakeholder Feedback Form
The Continuous Quality Improvment Team (CQI) reviews all new feedback and responses. Responses are published in the Monthly Innnovations Newsletter.

Feedback Surveys
The CQI Team arranges for participants, employees, volunteers and referrers to be given a Feedback Survey.

Participant Surveys: 1F03-002-H Participant Feedback Survey

Employee Survey: 1F03-004 Feedback Survey- Personnel

Volunteer Survey: 1F03-005 Feedback Survey- Volunteer

Referrer Survey: 1F03-003 Feedback Survey- Referrer

Once completed, surveys can be handed in to reception, placed in the suggestion box or mailed to:
The Bridge Youth and Family Services
760 Hwy 33 West
Kelowna, B.C.
V1X 1Y4

Feedback can also be provided directly to the CQI Team Chair, Lisa Schechtel at  The CQI Team compiles a Stakeholder Feedback Report summarizing the stakeholder feedback data.