Healthy Weights for Children Project

The Healthy Weights for Children Project promotes the achievement and maintenance of healthy weights
Through the implementation and evaluation of an education and relationship building program call Healthy Together which includes learning about healthy food and nutrition and physical activity. The program is for
children and youth under 19 years old, their parents, foster‐parents and/or caregivers.

Healthy Together program
The key aspects of the three age‐based education modules include themes that are relevant to promoting
healthy weights in children including food and nutrition, physical activity, relationships and community.
Key objectives are to:

  • Implement, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of Healthy Together, an innovative family education model developed and piloted in Phase I.
  • Promote the achievement and maintenance of healthier weights for children in care under 19 years and their families (including foster parents, biological parents, mentors, elders and community members involved in the care of children) across diverse regions and settings.

We have two key objectives for 2013 to 2017. For the next two years we are going to train facilitators in ten communities across Canada to offer Healthy Together to children, youth and their families.  We will be gathering evaluation information from every program and after two years The University of British Colombia Okanagan will use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

In years three and four we plan to train another group of facilitators in up to 10 communities. We will support these ten sites to begin a Healthy Together program in their community. If you are interested in becoming a trained facilitator please contact us at: email address.

After four years we will have a fully developed model that includes evidence-based enhancements based on the evaluation results from the original 10 implementation sites. We will provide  facilitator training with every kit purchased and provide web-based and telephone support as you offer the program to families in your community.

The big picture goal is to create an effective and innovative information sharing strategy that supports the integration of Healthy Together within core practice and policy development.

Have a look at our website for additional information or dowload our Brochure.