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The Bridge Youth & Family Services Society is a not-for-profit, registered charity that has provided innovative and quality programming to the children, youth and families of the Central Okanagan since 1969.  Governed by a committed Board of Directors, led by a seasoned Executive Director, and supported by a team of more than 75 professional staff and volunteers, the organization has consistently demonstrated its capacity to meet the needs of the community it serves.

To fulfil its mission to build healthy and positive lives through counseling, education and support, The Bridge Youth & Family Services currently focuses on five broad service areas, which include:

  • Parenting Education and Support
  • Addictions Services (Withdrawal Management and Intensive Residential Treatment)
  • Children, Youth and Family Counselling
  • Residential, Foster Home and Caregiver Support
  • Youth and Young Adult Outreach and Transition Services

Ultimately, the aim of The Bridge is to positively affect the lives of children, youth and families through leadership in policy development and innovative programming locally, provincially and nationally. The work we do is informed and guided by the following established principles and core values:

Individual and Family Needs

We are sensitive to changing needs and provide a continuum of prevention, early intervention and treatment services and programs that allow individuals and families to fulfill their potential.


We are committed to overcome and reduce the barriers to accessing services wherever possible. The Bridge Youth & Family Services strives to provide equitable and accessible services to all individuals and families. Aspects of service delivery supporting this principle include flexibility in service location, design of facilities, flexibility in service hours and flexibility of service intensity.

Growth and Empowerment

All individuals and families who are in contact with us feel respected and valued. We believe that all individuals and families have the capacity for positive change and growth. Wherever possible, we provide individualized programs and safe, positive, and nurturing services which foster individual growth, development and positive self-esteem.


We value people as our most important resource. We achieve our mission through the work of our employees and volunteers and ensure that they are adequately trained, supported, and rewarded. We achieve congruence between individual and organizational goals and foster the concept of collaboration.


We cooperate and form partnerships with other agencies, governments and businesses, for the purpose of providing quality service for families and individuals. We openly and freely share information and resources that will enhance the lives of families and individuals.

Individual Rights

We recognize and support the fundamental rights of individuals and families. We are sensitive to cultural diversity and work to ensure equal participation in our activities. We believe services that are voluntary, involve the program participant, and employ the least intrusive method in the shortest period of time are respectful of program participants’ rights.


In the delivery of programs, we are proactive, effective and professional with continuous quality improvement being central to our work. We implement ongoing measures of effectiveness, keep abreast of the most current research in related fields, and attempt to meet the most current standards of programs and services. We subscribe to a code of ethics to ensure accountability.


We believe that the family unit, in all its diversity, is the basic building block of society and actively support the family’s efforts to meet the needs of its members.


We operate with a focus on sustainability: social, environmental, and fiscal.

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