Intensive Residential Treatment Program


The Bridge adopts the view that addiction is an interweaving combination of factors such as biological, psychological, sociological, cultural, and spiritual. The Bridge is committed to treating the whole person the best we can within the capacity of residential treatment.  We see our clients as adults and see our work with them as collaborative.  Our highly competent staff look to build strong and respectful relationships with their clients. The Bridge is committed to applying theories and interventions that are contemporary and evidence based.

We value a client centered approach which means the client is at the center of their treatment, not a theory or ideology.  We hold clients responsible to get the most out of treatment and honor the reality that this will look different for each person.  

We empower clients to take responsibility and engage their lives in ways they may not have prior.  We are here to support, guide, and offer knowledge, skills, and a safe environment to explore the journey of recovery.

The Work

The main work of the program will happen in small group therapy where clients explore a variety of life issues.  Clients overwhelmingly report that this is their favorite part of the program.  It is not easy to face our lives directly with others, but this is where change and self/relationship knowledge occur. It is not easy but highly rewarding and that is why it is the "work" to be done.  Our staff understand this and also work hard to provide a safe and compassionate environment while also offering thoughtful challenges to previous ways of thinking about self, relationships, and the world in general.

The Learning

Along with intensive therapy groups, the program offers learning in the way of educational workshops, skill building exercises, movies, Mindfulness training, and guest speakers.  The content of this learning will be a mixture of understanding addiction, relationships, emotions, thoughts, some life skills, and some deeper material such as spirituality and meaning/purpose.  Much of this learning will come in the way of large group formats with some part lecture, some part discussion, and some part experiential.

The Community

A lot of what residential treatment provides is a ready made community.  Some find this comforting and others struggle to find their way.  Either way, it will challenge and encourage clients to understand how they operate in relationships and within a community.  Many issues in a person's life can be attributed to being hurt by others so finding new and healthy ways of being in relationship is important.  Residential provides the ability to explore and connect with others in ways clients may not have done in a long time, or ever.  We highly value the community element of our program.

The Body

So much of the life in addiction forgets to nurture the body.  While in treatment we will encourage and facilitate healthy choices around food, exercise, rest, sleep, and activity.  Clients often find that as the weeks go by they feel so much better just because of making better choices in these basic areas - taking care of themselves.

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) is an innovative relapse prevention program that integrates mindfulness practices with evidence-based cognitive and behavioral strategies. In carefully structured group sessions, participants gain awareness of their own inner experiences, step out of habitual patterns of thought and behavior that can trigger relapse, and acquire concrete skills to meet the day-to-day challenges of recovery (Bowen, S. and Marlatt, A. G., 2010).

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is a reality in the world of change.  Offering discussion, insight and practical skills will be an important focus of the program.  Whether it be ways to manage cravings or creating a solid plan for discharge, clients will be encouraged to prepare themselves.  Open discussion around current feelings of using and the hidden plans for using upon discharge will also be a part of the program.  We are committed to confronting the cycle of addiction as directly and honestly as possible.

The Bridgeway Intensive Residential Treatment Program is a publically funded addictions program.