The Path

The program is designed for youth under 18 years of age who are in care with the Ministry of Children and Family Development and who are transitioning from group home care.  The program assists the youth to develop the life management skills necessary for a successful transition to adulthood. 

The family care homes provide support, mentoring and skill enhancement for one youth.  The youth are provided a separate living space to start experiencing greater independence while receiving ongoing support and interactions with the family in the home. There is a foster parent at home and available to the youth at all times during their stay. 

A program facilitator provides support to both the foster parents and the youth.  The program facilitator provides the youth with support for life management and day activities.  The foster parents have access to the program facilitator 24 hours a day for emergency support, consultation, crisis intervention, debriefing, mediation and training. 


Contact Person: The Bridge Youth & Family Services Society
Contact Phone: 250-763-0456
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Ministry of Children and Family Development    



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