Youth Transitions

Youth TransitionsThis program supports young people, ages 15 through 19, to acquire the skills necessary to facilitate a competent transition to adulthood.

Youth Transitions believes in the inherent value of young people and recognizes that they bring unique knowledge and experiences to the program. Program participants are involved in all aspects of program planning, development and evaluation.

Youth Transitions is designed to:

  • Provide young people with the support of a counsellor while they are parenting, attending a treatment, educational or pre-employment program or involved in an active job search.
  • Assist young people in locating and maintaining safe, secure and affordable accommodation while providing young people with the opportunity to gain a realistic living experience in the community.
  • Assist young people to enhance the skills necessary to live competently in the community.
  • Provide young people with opportunities to participate in social, cultural and recreational activities of their choice.

The Program offers:

  • Financial support through the Ministry of Children and Family Development.
  • Regular meetings with a counsellor who will offer support and encouragement.
  • Advocacy, information regarding community resources, and coordination of referrals to any other services that will promote a competent transition to adulthood.

Contact Person: The Bridge Youth & Family Services Society
Contact Phone: 250-763-0456
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