Community Support: Interior Savings
Jan 07, 2022

We can always count on Interior Savings to help fill the needs in our community. Through community grants, local funding opportunities, and sponsorships, Interior Savings steps up in a variety of ways to ensure different programs and initiatives within our organization continue to thrive. We’re grateful to be highlighting some of their most recent contributions including supporting our Healthy Together spring sessions as well as providing an impactful donation to Phase I of the Youth Recovery House. Together, we transform lives and build community.


Healthy Together’s HT@Home Program

Thanks to support from Interior Savings, we were able to offer quality HT@Home (Healthy Together at Home) programming over the spring months. During these unprecedented times, families needed new and innovative ways to connect with other families and support their children. HT@Home offered that virtual space for families to gather, learn, and share together. 

Funding from Interior Savings supported Healthy Together to move to an online platform, and offer programming across British Columbia in communities where families may not have had access to other learning options. Through Zoom technology, parents have been able to meet with other parents, connect with trained Healthy Together facilitators, and participate in learning, physical, and cooking activities as a group.

“Having Healthy Together available during these lonely months has given me something to look forward to. My kids and I can show up, play together and know we are going to be met with kindness and respect. I’ve learned a few things and we have all had fun. I love Healthy Together!” - Parent Participant

In addition to the usual HT@Home program, Interior Savings also provided financial training sessions to program participants, “offering financial literacy through Healthy Together has been a perfect fit for our clients. Interior Savings has done a great job of keeping the information fun and informative, and linking it with program material. The partnership between Interior Savings and Healthy Together has made the HT@Home program even stronger, and has offered more to our parents!”

As a direct result of the funding, we were also able to participate in the ‘Unplug and Play’ events which offered Healthy Together to a wider audience. Thanks to Interior Savings extensive network and social media platforms, we were able to reach out to many new communities throughout the province that we weren’t able to before. Although the HT@Home program is on summer break, we look forward to starting things back up in the fall and hope to see you there!


The Okanagan Youth Recovery House

Thanks to community support and funding from the provincial government, Phase I of the Youth Recovery House has been open since Spring 2021. This exciting advancement in our mission to bring local, publicly funded services into our community for youth and their families would not be possible without generous donors like Interior Savings. Thanks to their $15,000 donation, we are able to provide important tech and electronic equipment to make the group space safe and conducive to learning, interaction, and fun.

This donation has helped us to purchase and bring in:

  • Smart Boards - used for facilitating workshops and counselling sessions, movie watching and gaming.
  • Constellation Projectors/ Home Planetariums - used to connect the young people to the stars, and enhance mood.
  • Laptops - used by residents for continuing education, and connecting the young people with their off-site support network (e.g. physicians, teachers, families).
  • Video Games/Consoles - used to help young people develop problem-solving skills, improve players’ moods, promote relaxation, ward off anxiety, and help build the tools for learning resilience in the face of failure.

We are so grateful for this equipment that enables young people staying with us to keep connected with the outside world and their important support systems.

Thank you, Interior Savings! 


Donate directly to the Youth Recovery house today by clicking HERE or reach out to our Director of Community Engagement, Kelly Paley for more information.