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The Bridge operates a 20 bed intensive residential treatment program (‘Bridgeway’) for individuals age 19 and older for whom alcohol or substance use is an acknowledged problem. Registered as an Assisted Living Residence with the Ministry of Health and located on our property at Gray Road, the voluntary program offers a therapeutic based service that supports examining the underlying causes of participants’ substance use and focuses on practicing skills to create a healthy way of living. The core of the program is therapeutic group work, complemented by psycho-educational workshops and Wellness Support meetings. The therapy embraces an exploratory process that focuses on the participant’s past, present and future; the workshops and wellness support meetings focus on building new skills to better manage life, relationships and stress. The six-week, highly structured program operates throughout the year.


The Bridge provides 20 residential beds to those seeking intensive substance abuse treatment. The program is 6 weeks in duration and consists of a variety of programming.

The Program:

  • is highly structured and intensive.
  • is person centered which means that we meet each client where they are and honor their unique individual process.
  • is offered in a safe, substance free, live-in environment.
  • will begin with a comprehensive intake assessment that will inform and direct individualized treatment goals and transition planning.
  • provides a therapeutic and safe environment to examine the underlying factors of participants’ substance use.
  • focuses on practicing skills to deal with issues such as boundary setting, communication, stress management, anger management and relapse prevention.
  • addresses mental health and substance use issues  simultaneously.

Admission Process

It is acknowledged that not everyone requires residential services and it is important to ensure that it is the most beneficial service setting to address a person’s problematic substance use prior to being admitted. The Intensive Residential Treatment Program should be considered for individuals with more complex and/or chronic substance use for whom community based treatment approaches have not been effective.


Programming will focus on the whole person: the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual well-being of the individual. It will consist of a combination of individual, group and family counselling as well as psycho-social education and life skills training. Opportunities for recreational and fitness activities will be provided regularly and participation encouraged. Healthy ways of coping will be explored and Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) techniques presented.

Transition Planning

All residents will participate in creating a plan for their return to the community with the support of treatment staff. Work on a transition plan will begin early and will be a collaborative process between the participant, staff and the appropriate community based resources. It will also involve the participant’s family or other supports and, whenever possible, a family session will be held with the participant and family members to review the transition plan prior to discharge.

Intake Dates 2019:


February 15

May 17

August 16

November 12


January 2

April 2

July 2

September 30

Referral Package

An Interior Health practitioner will then screen the application to determine a person’s eligibility for residential services.

Supported Recovery Application

An Interior Health practitioner will then screen the application to determine a person’s eligibility for residential services.

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