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Transition housing service for adults seeking support for recovery from substance misuse. Provides 4 fully furnished 2-bedroom suites in a completely abstinent assisted living facility at our Hwy 33 location. The service enhances independence with personalized life skills training, support and transition planning to promote wellness. Length of stay is typically 6 months, but varies based on individual circumstances.

What Is the Service

  • Tailored to each individual’s unique healing process
  • Offered in a safe, substance-free, live-in facility
  • For individuals who are actively engaging in recovery, often post intensive live-in treatment
  • Encourages the development of new coping mechanisms, support networks, healthy lifestyles and independence
  • Participants are expected to manage medications as prescribed without support
  • The facility includes:
    • Fully-furnished 2-bedroom suite with basic supplies
      • Living room with TV
      • Dining room
      • Bathroom
      • Kitchen
      • Limited storage
    • Access to shared amenities
      • Laundry area
      • Participant telephone
      • Group rooms
      • Green space

How to Access the Service

Applicants are to be medically and physically capable of semi-independent living and must not require a medical withdrawal management service.

Submit the completed application to Interior Health:

  • Fax: 250-868-7791
  • 250-469-7070

For inquiries about the service please contact The Bridge:

What Happens Next

All participants will assist in creating their own plan for return to independence with support of The Bridge staff. This work will begin early and will be a collaborative process between the participants, staff and community resources. It will also involve the participant’s family or other support and, whenever possible, a family session may be held to work collaboratively on the service plan and transition.

Funding Partners

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