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yd 33 logoA licensed 4-bedroom environment at our Hwy 33 facility for young people aged 18 and under to safely withdraw from addictive substances. Participants can stay up to 15 days and have access to nursing care, physicians, discharge planning and clinical counselling services.

What Is the Service

  • Lightly structured and flexible
  • Tailored to each individual’s unique healing process
  • Offered in a secure, substance-free, live-in environment
  • Begins with a comprehensive intake assessment that will inform and direct individualized goals and transition planning
  • Provides a therapeutic and safe environment to examine the underlying factors of participants’ substance use
  • Focuses on practicing skills to deal with issues such as boundary setting, communication, stress management, anger management and relapse prevention
  • Addresses mental health and substance use issues simultaneously
  • Provides prepared meals in line with the Canadian Food Guide
  • Provides ample opportunity for recreation and physical engagement in order to promote healthier lifestyle and remind the youth how to have fun substance free

How to Access the Service

  • Self-referrals are accepted
  • Download and complete the following 2 applications:
  • Physicians, family members or other service prodivers can also refer to the service, but the youth must be willing to attend as this is a voluntary service
  • Referrals are reviewed by a Licensed Practical Nurse and the Program Manager
  • When referral is complete, participants will be given an intake date when they may enter YD33

What to Bring

  • Comfy clothes, slippers, favourite pillow
  • Toiletries
  • Long-distance calling card and comfort money for supplies
  • Medications and money for meds (if you are not covered) should our doctor order something which we do not normally provide (i.e. antibiotics for ear infection)
  • Things to do should you become bored such as crafts, books or an instrument
  • Clothes for swimming, going to the gym and doing yoga
  • Cigarettes if the youth smokes

Do Not Bring

  • No illicit drugs or paraphernalia
  • No pornography
  • If you bring your cell phone it will be placed in a separate locked space until discharge
  • No clothing with drug or alcohol iconography
  • No weapons of any kind
  • All bags will be searched upon entry


  • Immediate family may visit between the hours of 11 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.
  • No visitation past 9 p.m.
  • Occurs on property and may be supervised by staff
  • Must be arranged with staff the day before visitation is meant to occur

What Happens Next

YD33 staff work with each participant on planning their discharge from the program. This includes assistance with safe housing, income assistance and follow-up with counsellors. Family will be involved in the process and have access to transitional counselling to ensure a smoother integration. Although staff at YD33 will do their best to set up housing and supports for youth after they leave, there is a lack of resources and it may not be possible with each individual.

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