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The Bridge Youth & Family Services has opened a new Youth Detox Program called YD33. This new program is based on the wellness wheel model and provides 4 people (under 18) residential beds to safely withdraw from substances. The program is 5 to 15 days in duration and consists of a variety of programming and supports.

The participant is at the center of their treatment and we hold participants responsible to get the most out of treatment and honor the reality that this will look different for each person.

The Program

  • is lightly structured and flexible
  • we meet each participant where they are and honor their unique individual process.
  • is offered in a safe, substance free, live-in environment.
  • will begin with a comprehensive intake assessment that will inform and direct individualized goals and transition planning.
  • provides a therapeutic and safe environment to examine the underlying factors of participants’ substance use.
  • focuses on practicing skills to deal with issues such as boundary setting, communication, stress management, anger management and relapse prevention.
  • addresses mental health and substance use issues simultaneously.


Programming will focus on the whole person: the physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual well-being of the individual. It will consist of a combination of individual, group and family counselling as well as psycho-social education and life skills training. Opportunities for recreational and fitness activities will be provided regularly and participation encouraged. Healthy ways of coping will be explored and Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) techniques presented.

Program highlights:

  • Yoga
  • More physical and meditational components.
  • Healthy nutritional menu that is build around recovery.
  • Educating around mental health and its connection with addiction.

Transition Planning

YD33 staff work with each participant on planning their discharge from the program. This includes assistance with safe housing, income assistance, and follow-up with counselors, etc. Family will be involved in the process and have access to transitional counseling to ensure a smoother integration.

What to bring:

  • Comfy clothes, slippers, favorite pillow etc
  • Long distance calling card and comfort money for supplies
  • Medications and money for meds (if you are not covered) should our doctor order something which we do not normally provide (ie-antibiotics for ear infection)
  • Toiletries
  • Things to do should you become bored such as crafts, books, instrument
  • Clothes for swimming, going to the gym and doing yoga


It is acknowledged that not everyone requires residential services and it is important to ensure that it is the most beneficial service setting to address a person’s problematic substance use prior to being admitted. YD33 should be considered for individuals with more complex and/or chronic substance use for whom community based treatment approaches have not been effective. Currently admissions are decided by a panel of community support services, but it is hoped that as the program develops, physicians, counsellors, family members and individuals will be able to refer directly to us.

Admissions Application

Exit Plan

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