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The Path Program (Staffed Foster Care) was developed by The Bridge to meet the needs of youth (9 to 18 years) transitioning from group care when other community resources are not considered suitable. This MCFD funded program provides intensive support to youth as well as the caregivers, and is designed to assist youth who need a higher level of support and assistance to experience success. Caregivers provide support, mentoring and skill enhancement to the youth placed in their home while The Bridge offers a systematic approach to help youth further develop the skills to successfully transition to adulthood.

Caregivers receive regular relief for youth at a Path relief/respite home and mentoring from The Bridge Path Facilitator to manage any challenges they may experience. They work in collaboration with other professionals to assist in the development of life skills for the youth. The facilitator is available to the youth to provide support for life skill management and day activities. Support and access is available 24/7.

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