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Wellness, Outreach, and Host Homes

These initiatives are participant driven wherein youth referred through MCFD are invited to engage with Youth and Community Liaisons for outreach support. Youth and Community Liaisons work alongside youth to support the development of their life skills as well as foster the youth’s capacity to enhance overall well-being. Youth have the opportunity to meet with a Clinical Counsellor who can assist them in navigating mental health and substance use concerns.

The Wellness Centre is a safe, warm, welcoming space in which youth are able to meet their physical, emotional and social needs through interaction and access to all the amenities a house has to offer, aside from a bed and bedroom. Host Homes are an innovative approach to mitigating youth homelessness in the community. Referred youth are provided with a private bedroom in a house and are treated as welcomed guests. Host homes can be booked nightly and are designed as low barrier accommodations. The Outreach – Wellness Centre – Host Home initiatives emphasize safety and support for the community’s street-engaged youth while endeavouring toward resiliency and community connection.


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