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The Bridge Youth & Family Services has provided support to the youth in care of MCFD transitioning to adulthood since 1988. The program provides a community-based living experience for young people who are nearing the age of majority, coupled with dedicated Transition Counselors who provide the support to the participants to gain the life management skills to master the often complex transition to independent living.  Transitional housing, which can include self-contained transition suites within community homes, are bolstered by on-site mentors who become part of the support team that work collaboratively with the young person and Transition Counselor. Employing a capacity-building approach, counsellors and mentors partner with youth to design service plans and evaluate competencies. Life management skills include financial management, household maintenance, food preparation, residential tenancy issues, physical and mental health, and education and employment. As young people gain the skills, they move to their own accommodation supported by a Youth Transitions counsellor.  The Youth Transitions program serves between 40 and 50 youth annually, many of whom are street-engaged and have experience with substance misuse and mental health related issues.

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