Bridgeway: Intensive Live-In Treatment

A highly-structured, intensive 6-week program for an alternating group of 20 adult men or women, aged 19 or older, seeking substance use treatment. Treatment is offered in a safe, live-in environment at our facility on Gray Rd. It is best suited for individuals with more complex and/or chronic use for whom other community-based treatment approaches have not been effective.


What Is the Service

  • Highly structured and intensive
  • Tailored to each individual’s unique healing process
  • Offered in a safe, substance-free, live-in environment
  • Begins with a comprehensive intake assessment that will inform and direct individualized treatment goals and transition planning
  • Provides a therapeutic and safe environment to examine the underlying factors of participants’ substance use
  • Focuses on practicing skills to deal with issues such as boundary setting, communication, stress management, anger management and relapse prevention
  • Addresses mental health and substance use simultaneously

How to Access the Service

  • Download the Bridgeway Application
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  • Submit the completed application to Interior Health:
    • Fax: 250-868-7791
    •  250-469-7070
  • For any questions about Bridgeway, please contact:

What to Bring

  • Toiletries
  • Running shoes & suitable clothing for recreation and swimming
    • Gym bag & towel recommended
  • Face cloth if needed
  • Appropriate clothing for the season
    • No clothing with drug or alcohol advertising.
    • No racial, sexist, gang emblems or designs
  • Cell phones & iPods etc.
    • A telephone is available for local calls and where messages can be left for you from outside callers. Calling cards are recommended for personal long-distance calls.
  •  Refillable water bottle and/or travel mug
  • Participants may bring a vehicle but should be aware parking is on-street only

Do Not Bring

  • Large sums of money
    • Small safes are provided in each bedroom for each participant. Reminder, you are sharing your space so please leave valuables at home
  • Cameras and/or video cameras
  • Perishable food items
  • More than 2 pieces of luggage

Intake Dates 2021:

November 15 – Female


Intake Dates 2022:

January 3 – Male

February 16 – Female

April 4 – Male

May 18 – Female

July 4 – Male

August 17 – Female

September 29 – Male

November 14 – Female



What Happens Next

All residents will participate in creating a plan for their return to the community with the support of treatment staff. Work on a transition plan will begin early and will be a collaborative process between the participant, staff and the appropriate community-based resources. It will also involve the participant’s family or other supports and, whenever possible, a family session will be held with the participant and family members to review the transition plan prior to discharge.

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